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QoolArchives. An Archives WordPress plugin

QoolArchives. An Archives WordPress plugin

We would like to inform you about the QoolArchives WordPress plugin!!
This plugin tries to solve a big WordPress problem that has to do with CPU load and speed.

The problem
When you have a wordpress site with 200-400 articles, WordPress is just fine but when it comes to a site that has more than 1500-2000 posts, then WordPress is a real CPU load monster! The problem is because WordPress asks the total number of posts from the database every time we make a request, making the DB to run a full scan of the post’s table. This can really kill your server!!!

The cause
Wordpress uses FOUND_ROWS. What this does is, that it asks the database for the total number of rows found on a query with no need for a second sql query to count the rows. As mentioned above, this is fine for a wordpress installation with 200-400 posts but it sucks when you have to do with thousands of posts.

The QoolArchives sollution
The plugin creates archived posts and moves the posts from the post’s table to another one. Thus making the post’s table smaller and easier for the FOUND_ROWS function to deal with.

Side effects
The plugin has some side-effects though.

Widgets problem
The calendar and the archives widgets will display records only for posts that have not been archived yet. So if the latest archive has been created at 28-03-2011 the calendar will display records only for days after 28-03-2011 . This is not such a big problem cause you can actually see the posts by going to a previous day :

You can download the plugin here: QoolArchives WP plugin

Any demos?
The QoolArchives plugin has been installed here:

About The Author

Vasileios Kerasiotis is a freelance developer that loves coding in PHP. Desktop and Web Applications lover and YUI enthousiast.

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Comments (6)

  • Tester


    Im testing your plugin and look so good! but i think you can make a FAQ for users, users what is starting with their site and users wich is using their sites years ago. I’ve downloaded my site and installed in local to test your plugin, i’ve modified your plugin a few lines because my site is 1 year old and i’ve changed the days what i want to archive, since first day of my site to three months ago, adding:

    case “Testing”:
    $nowdate = date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”,($now-(674*86400)));


    case “Testing”:
    $prevdate = date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”,($now-(337*86400)));
    $nowdate = date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”,($now-(90*86400)));

    About 23k of post was reduced to 4,5k and everything works ok for now, my sitemap don’t lose the old URL’s. I see a bug with pagination inside Archive Post section, you can’t go to the next page because pagination crashes. Why you can select any post inside Archive Post section if you can’t delete, move, edit the post?

    Can we get the information of post with a custom query? maybe someone want to make a archive page for visitors, and is possible to modify archived post?, we can modify the date to archive post? for example, day X of month X of year X to day X of month X of year X

    I love this plugin, great work, i’ll continue testing =)

    Thank you

  • Sakthi


    Once I installed the plugin, I can’t see any posts of mine in post page. How to retrieve back all the posts to post page?


  • Sakthi

    How to get back my posts on my post page.? Please let me know. I’m struggling now.

  • Sonny

    Hey, after install how to restall it back to ori ?
    cause my site content seem like everything is disappear now ….

  • Kerasiotis Vasileios

    For all asking. There is only manual switch back to original. Copy any posts remaining from your posts table to the archives table and rename the archives table to posts table.

    This will get your posts back


    This plugin saved my site and my a$$ :-) works great for me on a site with 340k+ posts in the database.
    I’ve manually imported all posts minus one week into the wp_qoolarchives_posts table and now my wp_posts table stays around 10k posts per week, QoolArchives takes care of the rest.

    Donation sent, and credit (plus backlink) added into my footer.

    Thank you!

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